Programming Services

Premade scripts, games, and custom programs!

The most important fact about Paradigm that you should know is we care. We want you to be happy and come back to us for future programming projects. All of our code, be it premade or custom, comes with a 30-day bug free guarantee. If you're unhappy with a particular aspect of your code, we make free minor adjustments. You have access to the project as it develops. This means you will KNOW if the project is progressing as you want it to.

You are our first priority.

Custom Programming

Blogs, polls, and administration areas are some examples of custom programming. You have an idea, and we can make it happen. We charge about $90 per hour for programming, but offer discounts for large projects and repeat clients. We are a little bit more expensive than a freelance programmer, but we can offer you peace of mind that a freelancer cannot. We work by contracts, which provides you with security as well as us. If we don't do our job, you're not obligated to pay.


We have built auction sites, peer-to-peer sales (like Etsy), and full-blown shopping carts. We've also built educational websites that charge per online class! eCommerce is one of our passions, and we love using the latest technologies to accomplish your goals.


Online games are definitely our specialty, and we have a long history of working with SIM games (see our About Us page). We have been a great asset to anyone who has hired us. We have experience with turn-based, strategy, role-playing, pets, adoptables, and simulation games. New challenges are always welcome!

Web Design, Graphics

Paradigm does not have an in-house designer. We specialize in coding and to bring you the best code available, it is best if we do not split our resources. You will need a layout for your project prior to us starting work for you.